Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mrs.W's weekend vacation!!!!

I'm very excited to say I'm taking a weekend off, my family is visiting from Seattle... and you CANNOT come from Seattle to the Caribbean and not spend time in the beach!!! sooooooooo... we are going to spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday under the sun, drinking cocktails and gabbing away!!! oh happy days!!! *giggles*

Don't think I forgot about you... no no!!! blog posts for friday, saturday and sunday's are made, and Rheena will be posting our freebie of the day + extras until  i get back, all items are made and ready for you!!!! Now now... as for Group chat, i will leave that responsability to you, if you see spam or bad language *frowns* copy in Nc and send to me.  Same with the store, please take good care of it, you guys are in charge while im gone.

Wish me luck and a fair tan...
Be back on Sunday night.
Huuuuuuugs and love!
Mrs. W
*does the urkel dance while shutting computer off*