Wetherby Franchises (Free, earn 50% of sales)

How to set up your own Wetherby's Franchise? 

You can become Mrs.W's partner by opening your own Wetherby Franchise.  It's very easy and you will earn 50% of all sales, plus you will have the daily freebies to lure more people into your shop. 

What you will need:

- A place to rezz the vendors.
- Our Franchise-in-a-box (get them from Mrs. W or at the store)

How to set up your own Wetherby Franchise: 

You need a place where to rez your store: 

Open the Edit Window

Find the object named "Mrs.W's Freebie of the day wall" in your inventory
Then resize, rotate, and move the objects until you are satisfied with it.
All vendors on the wall are mod. 
Do NOT delete them.

You MUST grant them permissions so they go online.

If the vendors are still marked as "offline" you must "touch" every single one of them and wait for the pop-up window to allow access. You have to keep doing this until all vendors are online.

Once you are done, you can rez more affiliate vendors (Included in the box).
Mrs. W will be releasing two new vendors every 6 weeks. 
Check our previous notices or our marketplace to update or add new vendors to your shop.  

Now you are basically over, you can add decorations, textures on the walls, floor, ceiling, a logo (included in the box), and anything else you like.

Mrs. W will update the daily freebies via website everyday.

IMPORTANT:  Since there's no way to get the script to charge "0 Lindens" the script is made to ask people for 1L for the daily freebie, and it will give it back immediately.  Be sure to tell your customers.