Thursday, June 25, 2015

237 Womanity Daniela in Red

Today's full outfit is crafted in a mixture of system layers, mesh, and prims, this classy ensemble features a pencil dress, optional prim skirt, cape, and matching shoes and handbag, indulge for only 49L. 

For today's group gift, we have for you the beautiful crepe cape (which is part of the full outfit), finished with exquisite embroidery- though loose, it sits neatly on the shoulders for comfort.

By Mrs. W
Full Outfit of the Day  (Only 49L )
237 Womanity Daniela Outfit - Red

Freebie of the Day 
237 Womanity Daniela Outfit - Poncho - Black & Red (Lite)



Today's Special Price: 39L 
 Womanity Winter-Spring 2014 - Retro Dress 002 (Lite Version)

Today's Special Price 125L (Valued 250) 
Womanity Winter-Spring 2014 - Retro Dress 002 (Full Version)