Wednesday, September 3, 2014

106 Womanity 'Sofia' Cross Back Pants Jumpsuit

Happies Birthday Miss Victoria!!! 


Wednesday's Group Gift
September, 2014 
106 Womanity 'Sofia' Cross Back Pants Jumpsuit

Marketplace Stores:
Womanity   *  Wetherby's   *  Tori's Sin *

#424 - Wetherby's Pants Outift - Shoes - Blue (Only 39L)
These shoes are made of Sculpties and come with an inworld hud to change skin tone.

 #7 Wetherby's Coats - Knitted Black Cardigan (39L)
This Cardigan is made with average SL layers, you can wear it under today's jumpsuit if you want to look more conservative.

#424 - Wetherby's Pants Outift - Purse - Blue  (Only 39L)
(This item is made of 2 Sculpties)