Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wednesday's Group Gift At wetherby's

Baby Victoria is growing up so quickly :)  I leave you a picture of today's freebie (Black and white) and extras and a picture of my little one. 

Enjoy :) 

Mrs. W

This is right before going to the park... i took a picture, sat her on my lap for a second while i replied an email... 

She pooped, got her nappy all dirty, her onesie, pants, somehow managed to get her feet dirty while cleaning her andddd she peed on my pants lol but thats alright, momma is very patient and doesnt mind that sort of thing, here she is 15 minutes later all clean and ready to go out! Laughing because i was laughing too and making silly faces.

I went to change my pants, came back 5 minutes later... shes asleep... guess we will have to go to the park tomorrow...