Saturday, August 25, 2012

Good GOOD news!!!! yay!!!!

*grins* OMG! So, our last doctor's appointment was yesterday... I was still in shock until around midnight. when i realised i might have said something inappropriate to my doctor (I will spare you the details, for your sake and my integrity!)... 

The baby is FINE! she went from 5lb and 5oz (last Monday's appointment) to 5lb and 12oz, she's a guerrerita! (little warrior), fighting to hard to be born healthy, helping her parents not worry.  Amniotic fluid went from 5mm, to 6.4mm, I'm still losing it, but im staying in bed and drinking tons of water.  Word of advice, if you are pregnant, find fresh coconut water to drink, it helps the baby grow and helps your amniotic fluid levels. 

Next appointment will be on Friday, we postponed again a c-section and for the looks for it, there will be no *EMERGENCY* c-section, but regular one once the baby is ready, doctor says at 38 weeks he thinks the baby will be ready (we are 26w, 2 days).  Meanwhile I have to remain in bed, drink coconut water and regular water like a fish... aaaaaaaaaaall day long, and watch youtube videos, and design some new dresses (I'm inspired to do so right now, but don't blame me if they are all pink, flowery or happy looking!). 

And again, THANK YOU everyone who read this and those who sent us gifts, specially to Esparanza Freese (Espie), who was so kind to send us a vintage rosary that belong to her when she was a child and she wants the baby to have it, and some other stuff that holds just as much emotional value, and I'm deeply deeply thankful, thank you Aunty Espie and Thank you everyone who asks on group chat about the baby, i feel the love and your strength.  

Mrs. W 

Ps. Last night I dreamt of the baby for the first time, i wasn't wearing my glasses so I couldn't see her well, but i got her real close and i was able to see her eyes... HUGE dark brown eyes... awwww I turned into one of those women i couldn't stand!