Friday, June 22, 2012

27 weeks!!!! Baby Victoria!

Hello my lovelies!!!

I just came back from my appointment, the doctor says Victoria and I are in perfect health, she was 1.1 pound heavy last month (0,5 kgs) and as of today, she is 2.3 pounds!!! OMG!!!! twice her weight in just 4 weeks!  shes so big! her legs look so incredibly long, and shes just so alive inside my belly... I love her to bits...

Also, thank you VERY MUCH those who have sent the baby gifts, they are much appreciated it, and the baby will love them all. THANK YOU! really! you can check my walmart registry, my aunt will keep the gifts from me until the baby shower when i will be able to see them all hehe... make sure you add your SL name as well or IM me inworld, so i know who its from. Hugs!

Name: Alejandra Acevez 
Baby's name: Victoria Alejandra 
Due Date: September 2012
City: Edmonds, WA
Registry ID: 86161462214