Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Im pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my wonderful, dear and beautiful wetherbees!!!!

You might be wondering why, OH WHY! i have been slacking off the past few days... no freebies lately and when one is posted is late.... the thing is, the dress is not the only one thats been late... ive been very very busy throwing up all day long and being pregnant!!! oh yes!!! im pregnant! Hubby and I couldnt be happier! Today's my second doctor's appointment, although the first one she only asked me to do a blood test.

So there you have it, and if you think for a second there will be a freebie tomorrow... nah ah! you got another thing comming junior!!! *giggles*  Im going over to visit some relatives and tell them the good news... and be busy eatting eggs with 4 pounds of cheese, black beans, tangarines and pickles (all mixed up in a bowl... yumm).

Eventho im throwing up all day long, and i feel so sick.... being pregnant its a wonderful feeling, although (and this is secret, please dont tell anyone)... although... im scared, doctor said over the phone im 6 weeks along TOPS... and its still in a very dangerous stage right now... keep us in your prayers.

Beautiful and always wonderful Florence might come up with a plan of rollback dresses or post what we got, she will let you know!

Thank you for your understanding and support!
Mrs. W (and baby)

Ps. As soon as i have pictures, will spam you with it, after all, your all the baby's online aunts and uncles.

Update (Feb 9):

Doctor says im doing wonderfully! sorry about not posting a dress today either, but im TOO HAPPY to work, texting away with my family overseas and close to home... we are all so excited!