Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ratones Coloraos Prim Skirts (fixed) - Red

Hello love!!!! 

There was a problem with the texture in prim skirts for #616 Wetherby's Ratones Coloraos, some saw a few prims in white, others saw it transparent, as Mistyowl Warrhol and KimAlex karu called to my attention.  I have made new prim skirts, put them in a gift box for you and im sending a copy through our group notices.   If you are having problems, voice it on group chat :) we will help you. 

Thank you Mistyowl and KimAlex for taking your time to report the issue.  

Im sorry about the inconvenience, and i hope you enjoy your new prim skirts. 
Hugs and love, 

Mrs. W