Monday, January 16, 2012

Juneberry Blue Cobalt Starcut Red Wine Decanter

Wetherby's Special of the Day! 

Valued L150, Special Day Pricing L48.
Offer Availble from Monday 9:00 for only 24 hours.

Red wine decanter exquisitely textured with an antique blue cobalt star-cut pattern by Twill Juneberry of Juneberry Art Glass. The elegant sculpted shape in a translucent glass is a beautiful addition to Victorian, Contemporary, Elven or Vampire decor. Appropriate to feasts, dinner parties, intimate dining or to decorate you Second Life

Click the decanter to be given goblet of red wine to wear. Wearing goblet will animate your avatar in an elegant sipping action.

Shown with one prim decanter, are copiable goblets and sterling silver tray, so you may alter display to accommodate your prim allowance or taste.

Start an enviable collection with this piece, as this line of "crystal" includes a variety of additional pieces that can be purchased at Juneberry Art Glass @ Plaza Twill on 5th Avenue Sim.