Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wetherby's Reopening!!!!


Mere words can't express how happy i am to be back in business...some changes have been made to Wetherby's, i reckon some i will keep, others might not and go back to how we were doing before.  It will depend a lot on how we do, we must always be shifting and modifying wetherby's to suit our customer's needs.

Stilettos cost 25L$, Sculpted shoes with hud 30L$.   All Dresses will remain 100L$ after the first 24 hours, before that, they will have a special price.   There  will be 3 freebies weekly (weekly freebie in Marketplace, posted every monday.    Weekly freebie inworld, posted every wednesday.  Matching shoes for inworld freebie, in a mini MM board), plus a lot of brand new discounted price dresses, prices might range from 1 to 99L$ each.

Tomorrow (monday morning) i will be rezzing our freebies of the week and ALL new items in store will be BRAND NEW never seen.   I feel like having a smoke, rolling to my side of the bed and ignoring you if you talk while i read in my kindle! *grins*

Thank you for being so patient and wonderful,
Mrs. W