Monday, June 20, 2011

New Collection

Hello my lovelies!!! I'm very excited to reveal today's dress since its the first from my new collection!!! All  new dresses are inspired in friends I've met in Sl from all around the world and the cities they live in... Today's named "a day in Berlin", I made all the accesories myself, I hope you enjoy them!!!

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Mrs. W

Monday's free Gift and Extras
#583 Wetherby's a day in Berlin  Complete Look in Gray

#583 Wetherby's a day in Berlin Dress in Gray
Price: FREE
This gift will remain free until Tuesday's freebie is posted.

#583 Wetherby's a day in Berlin Matching Shoes
Price: 20L Each 


#583 Wetherby's a day in Berlin Jewelry in Gray
Today's Special Price: 33L


 #583 Wetherby's a day in Berlin Jacket 
Today's Special Price: 35L

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