Friday, June 10, 2011

Hello ladies! As you might already know, I've been working on my new collection for a few days now, and its been frustrating, I can't seem to concentrate, or have a "feeling" that will incite me to create new dresses... call it a designer block...  I will sit here today again and draw a line here and there, have a drink and listen to this song and THIS song with lips pursed shaking my head side to side...until ... until... until i had enough drinks they make me hallucinate I'm a designer and ideas come... 

If live gives you lemons... ask for Gin and Vermouth and make a martini... 

Mrs. W

Friday's free Gift and Extras
                                                 #523 Wetherby's Sally Dress - Purple
Price: FREE
This gift will remain free until Saturday's freebie is posted.

#523 Wetherby's Sally Matching Shoes
Price: 20L Each

#523 Wetherby's Sally Matching Jewelry 
 Today's Special Price: 33L

RM-Designs Hairband in Disco Pearls
Today's Special Price: 24

RM-Designs Disco Pearls 
Today's Special Price: 46

#564 Wetherby's Ode to Lolita Gown - Purple
Today's Special Price: 41L

#564 Wetherby's Ode to Lolita Jewelry - Purple
Today's Special Price: 33L

#564 Wetherby's Ode to Lolita Shoes - Purple 
Price: 20L Each


 #564 Wetherby's Ode to Lolita Bolero - Purple
Today's Special Price: 33L

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