Friday, May 6, 2011

Saturday's freebie at Wetherby's

As some of you might know, besides being a SL designer, i work two jobs in RL.  One of them travelling during the weekend, 8 hours away from my city to another State where I'm in charge of supervising a construction site and selling properties as well.  I do this on most weekends, and this one is no exception.  To help fill in the void of the weekend, Rheena McMillan, my business partner offered to give this beeeeautiful dress for absolutely free just for today!!! isn't she something!  Please have a close look at all extras, specially the sculpted skirt.  They are all well priced and are of excelent quality.  I will be back on Sunday morning (its an 8 hours drive back, so ill be driving all night) and I will post Sunday's for you.   Enjoy!!!! and have a superb weekend. 
Mrs. W 

Saturday's Free Gifts and extras

RM-Design FlowerPower Dress
Price: FREE
This gift will be a freebie from Saturday 8:00 a.m. until Sunday's Free Gift is posted.
You can also find this amazing dress plus many others at RM Design's Main Store 
(See NC inside vendor for LM)

Matching Hat and Sculpted Shoes
Hat: 24L
Shoes: 20L

RM sculpted Skirt to Match Today's Free Gift
Today's Special Price: 16L

RM Design
Pink Suede Handbag
Today's Special Price: 32L

RM- Design Flowerpower Jewelry

Shoe fatpack

Garden Arrangements
Today's Special Price: 10L Each

Our daily freebie is posted between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. SLT and it will remain free until the next day's gift, after that they will be priced. 
Offer available only for group members.