Wednesday, May 4, 2011

RM Designs by Rheena McMillan!

One of today's freebie is given by my friend and business partner, Rheena McMillan.   I choose her to work with me not just because of her obvious great skills at building and wonderful taste, but also for her personality, she's a wonderful person and a very sweet gal...  Today, i would like to review some of her items.  Please have a moment to visit her store and look around, she has A LOT of wonderful items for sale and some MM boards too. 

1) Clarise Orange fatPack  (Price:  120 L$) 
You have probably seen this jacket in purple at the store, the whole fatpack is a really good value!!! and the shade of orange is so fresh! 

2) Disco pearls (Price: 65 L$) 
This fit so well! Rheena gave me one to try it, and it fit me perfectly when i put it on!  and the bag is absolutely GORGEOUS!  Really great idea for mother's day! 

3) Melody Dress (plus free Shoes, Price: 99 L$) 
I saw this one on Rheena while she was making it, you will look so beautiful in this, and the best thing... buy the dress, you get shoes for free!!! it cant get better than that!!! hehe