Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TRIPLE dip Wednesday at Wetherby's!!!

We have Three gifts for you today.   A beautiful slim dress, make up and a pin given to me  by Michiko Avon, to help Japan's charity fund.  If you need help on how to modify your shape to be able to wear system skirts, check our tutorial by clicking in HERE!
#562 Wetherby's Ode to Partying Dress in Silver!
Wednesday's gift (03/23/2011)
Price: FREE
Limited offer for 24 hours only.
or when Thrusday's freebie is posted.

Gown version:
Today's Special Price: 35L 
Regular Price will be: 100L

Matching Gloves:
Today's Special Price: 15L 

Matching Shoes
Price: 20L 

Matching Fur Jacket
Price: Only 40L 

#009 Wetherby's Makeup Secrets - Noche (Pinks - Dark Tones)
Price: FREE

Price: FREE

Our daily freebie is posted after 8:00 a.m. SLT and it will remain free until the next day's gift, after that they will be priced. 
Offer available only for group members.