Thursday, March 24, 2011

RM Designs by Rheena McMillan!

For the first time I will blog something other than Wetherby's!  I saw the maker (Rheena McMillan) wearing this dress once and i was REALLY IMPRESSED (and why not, half jealous) of her gooorgeous creations!!! she's so skillful and creative... you would think being the amazing designer she is, she would be pretencious, well, thats far from the truth! She's so warm and wonderful as a person, such a humble soul... If i had something to complaint about would be that i keep reading what she writes in german accent... and its so hot that its disturbing! 

You SHOULD visit her shop, this is the dress i was telling you about.  If you got money, BUY IT! its gorgeous and so sexy! (Price: 99 for the dress; 120L for gown) 

She also has 4 MM boards in her shop, which i just saw and took pictures of them for you... can you find them??????