Wednesday, March 30, 2011

5th Avenue Estates Easter Egg Hunt.  

This fun bunny trail runs for 30 days, so you have plenty of time to find all the eggs from Wetherby's and from the merchants on the 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue sims.
Eggs will be hidden in the shops and all around both sims.  Remember to look up and down too.

There will be 9 filled eggs hidden just for Wetherby's - each egg has one letter of the word Wetherby's so that makes 9 eggs.  

1) Hommage to Elizabeth Taylor: she was a cat in 1958, but where was the cat?
2)The word in French is "Glycine" and it looks lovely at spring
3)If I tell you, you'll BLUSH  (but where does that L comes from?)
4)"You talked about the blue blue sky but all that i can see is just... (blank) " 
5)"Old friends... sat on a... (blank) like bookends" (Paul Simon)
6)"Hello lamppost, what'cha knowin'" (Paul Simon again)
7)"Hit the road, Jack!" (but hail for a cab :)
8) Someone always says the words"Ubi et Orbi... ", the thing is... where is this person located when he says them?
9)"Sic luceat lux"... (Sic transit gloria Wetherby's ^^ )

 When you find the eggs, look at the notecard for the Slurl to the item in the egg, so if you choose, you can purchase the rest of the accessories for that item.
There will be other eggs from the other merchants on both sims.  
You can see their eggs on this display too, so you know what they look like.
Have fun hop'in down the bunny trail and play nice along the way.  
Hugs, Mrs. W.