Monday, April 25, 2016

Open letter to HP Customer Care Service.

Dear Sirs at Hewlett-Packard,

I purchased in America a HP Pavilion dv7 6187, and since the first moment I got it, it has been problematic.  One of the disks and usb ports are broken, and not a day goes by without the computer crashing on me.

I live in Venezuela, where minimum salary is about $8 a month, we have huge shortages of food, medicine and just about anything.  We also have shortages of water, sometimes we go days without it, electricity is my area is off for 4 hours daily, cooking gas is scare as well.  Food lines are hours long, sometimes days long, and I am a single mom, with the most beautiful and smart 3 years old you could imagine.

 Having a computer is the only way to provide for her.  I own a shop in a virtual world called Second Life, this is my MAIN income.  With the money I make from my designs I am able to buy in walmart or food and clothes for my daughter. But now I am at a lost, because without a computer, I don't know what I will do. Things have gotten so badly that now I only do one or two meals per day, so my daughter can have all three.

Can you replace my laptop with another one?  It doesn't have to be new, or the latest model or anything.  I just need it to run Second Life minimum requirements.   It could be an old model, refurbished or used. Any computer will do, as long as I can keep making my designs and providing my daughter.   I can send you back the broken laptop, and the courier in Miami I use for bringing food and such over here, said they could ship for free for me, due to humanitarian reasons.

I hope to get a positive response from you,

Truly yours,