Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday's group gift + announcement

By Mrs. W

Today's group gift: 
257 Womanity Miss Krystle Bolero with vest and Skirt - Green (Lite)

My dear customers and friends: Due to RL I will have to reduce the amount of freebies to 3 per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).    I have two collections coming up:  Retro Chic (inspired in the 1970's) and Femininity (inspired in  sissies and fairies with an elegant twist).  I  rather be sure I can post 3 freebies per week, than not be sure which days I can post or not.  Thank you for understanding, be sure to grab today's group gift!!!! God Bless.   Miss W. 

 Visit our new 

251 Womanity Theresa Strapless Peplum Dress - Blue (Lite) Today's Special Price 49L

077 Womanity Amaranta - Pencil Dress (Full)
Today's Special Price 125L (Valued 250) 

200 Womanity 'The B with the' Skinny Jeans (Full)
Today's Special Price 125L (Valued 250)