Saturday, August 8, 2015

242 Womanity Doris Backless Prom Dress - Blue

THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for all your donations and purchases at our Fund Raiser, we were able to raise...... *drum roll* L$26,085 !!!!! 

Thanks so much Rosie Maurer, Nimue Avedon, Lyric Alexander, AnnaPotts, Janey Bracken, Treacle Darlandes, kirathedog, Riaelle Zsun, Jacqueline Maurer, Mazy Alderton, Eos Planer, Leslea Aldrin, ripknight Resident, Sean Bridger, Jolie Serendipity, CynthiaGale, Mara Namiboo, Chrissy Chemistry, Penelope Sandalwood, strawberrygoat, Talia Draconia, for your Generous Donations to our Fund Raising!!!!

And a very special THANK YOU to my dear friend Cerise (FinaleStore Owner) for helping me organize the event, you are an amazing and one-of-a-kind woman!  To the one and only deluxegal923 Northman who entertained us with her mad DJ skills!!! I don't remember having this much fun in SL in years! and DJ savagewolfman who entertained us with a B.B. King concert! I loved it!

And to all the designers who were kind enough to donate their amazing and beautiful items: Zuri Lyric from Lazuri, Sascha Frangilli from Sascha's Designs, Vikeejeah Xevion from Loovus, Kalyabreeaa Capelo from Mad Diva, Bombshell Tresssy Slade from Tressy's Creations, Rheena McMillan from R.M. Designs, and my dear friend Sophiekittycat Willful from Kitty from Paris. 

By Mrs. W
242 Womanity Doris Backless Prom Dress (Lite) - Blue
Freebie of the Day 

Today's Dress is inspired by the repeated patterns - or tessellations - used in fashion. This 'Doris' dress is textured from figure-contouring Blue cotton guipure lace, lined in sand georgette to temper the sheerness, this belted dress is exquisitely crafted by Mrs. W. Rock yours with opulent jewelry and point-toe pumps.



024 Tori's Sin - Heidi - Fitmesh Wonder Bra (Full)
Today's Special Price 125L (Valued 250) 

025 Tori's Sin - Lily - Mesh Silk Camisole (Full)
Today's Special Price 125L (Valued 250) 

026 Tori's Sin - Clara - Ladies Bathrobe (Full)
Today's Special Price 125L (Valued 250)