Monday, June 22, 2015

236 Womanity Mel in Red

The high stretch content of Mrs. W's 'Mel' swimsuit ensures it molds perfectly to your body. This colorful swimsuit, decorated with Flamenco fans is ideal if you prefer more coverage on vacation - Turn it into a dress and complement it with sunglasses, matching hat and shoes for only 49L.

By Mrs. W
Full Outfit of the Day  (Only 49L )
236 Womanity Mel Full Outfit - Red

Freebie of the Day 
236 Womanity Mel Swimsuit (Lite) - Red



103 Womanity 'Naneth' Sexy Wrap Dress (Lite) 
Today's Special Price: 39L 

#109 Wetherby's Jewelry
Today's Special Price: 39L