Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday's >>> 048 Womanity Marcelle (Roll Back)

This group gift was first posted on April 24th, 2014, Since I can't finish today's group gift due to lag, I decided to give you a second chance to grab this beautiful gown, hoping I can finish the item today to post tomorrow. 

048 Womanity Marcelle

Marketplace Stores:
Womanity   *  Wetherby's   *  Tori's Sin *

Inworld Stores:
Womanity  *  Wetherby's  *  Tori's Sin  *  Forever Young * 

Matching Shoes (Only 39L)
Shoes with WEBHUD


Today's Special Price: 49L (Valued 250L)

Matching Shoes (Only 49L) 
Shoes with WEBHUD

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* Purchase our matching shoes or any other item, remember a sim costs $295 monthly and the only way to keep the store open is by paying rent. 
* Tell your friends about us. Help them find out how to grab our daily freebie.
* Wear your Wetherby's tag and dresses proudly :)