Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday & Saturday's Freebies

Hello my dears! Hubby, Victoria and I, are going out of town, so I will leave Friday and Saturday's freebies posted for you.  I should be back in time to post Sunday's. 
Happy weekend! 
Mrs. W 

Friday's Group Gift
(Scroll down for Saturday's)
August 9, 2014 

Marketplace Stores:
Womanity   *  Wetherby's   *  Tori's Sin *

Matching Shoes (Lite) (Only 39L)

Today's Special Price: 49L (Valued 250L)

Matching Shoes (8 Pairs) (Only 49L)

Saturday's Group Gift
August 10, 2014 
096 Womanity Yolanda - Zipper Dress (Lite)

096 Womanity Yolanda - Zipper Dress (Full)
Today's Special Price: 49L (Valued 250L)

679 Wetherby's Jaciyn Prim Skirt Dress (Only 39L) 

679 Wetherby's Jaciyn Dress (Full Perm Textures) 
50% off Special Weekend Price 125L 
Full Price 250L

679 Wetherby's Jaciyn Mesh Watch
Pay any amount to our donation box to get it