Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bye bye ol' Wetherby's... Hello new Wetherby's!

My dear friends and customers:

I am OVERWHELMED by all the positive response, your support and love. I feel it. THANK YOU!... big big thank you!

So, today's the big day!  We have until tonight to delete what's left of the store.  The sim has a new owner (She's very nice and if you wish to buy Wetherby's old land, contact her "Chantal Eun").  

We reduced the price on the mesh with huds (to 99L), and all Wetherby dresses (prim and system) are only 25L.  These won't be out again (unless someone asks for any of them in particular).  Be sure to go by the store and check them out, they make perfect presents!

It's been a long run.   Six years in the same sim!!! I have to admit I was heartbroken at first, but your love, support and generosity made me put things in perspective and see what's important.  So what if we can't have a big store? We have each other... and the freebies, group chat... And! it might be a good opportunity to find new and creative ways to do things.

So what's going to happen now? 

I already have another place to rezz the freebies and a couple of casper vendors.  It's not much, but it's awfully pretty and cozy.  It's a dock right in front of the beach!!! instead of fancy luxurious couches, you can come look at the whales (yes, we got whales!!!), sit on the sandy beach with your friends and work on your tan.  Oh, it really is relaxing and pretty... and small... but it's a new start and a new Wetherby's.

I'm also working on franchising Wetherby's.  So far my experiments have not worked, but I will keep trying.  In which case, you would be able to have a Mrs. W's freebie of the day wall, with all the freebies in your own store, and get 50% on all sales on it and other affiliate vendors.  Wouldn't that be cool?

Again ladies, THANK YOU.   I am blessed to find friends like you from all over the world.

Mrs. W