Monday, December 26, 2011

Wetherby's News! :)

Hello my lovelies, some customers are having problems with Sunday's freebie, the box won't load or it will load empty.  I am very sorry if you are amongst them, I have just sent a brand new copy through group notices, please if you can't open yours get a new copy and try again. So Sorry for the inconvenience.

On another note, I have land for sale, if you are interested in a 100% commercial sim, with wetherby traffic and very clean and quiet, 5th Avenue Estates is what you are looking for:

1) lot 7A 1152 sq.m.
263 prims, 500L weekly

2) lot 7B
672 sqm, 153 prims, 290L weekly

3) Lot 25 (next to wetherby gowns, which will be opened soon)
1280 sq.m. 292 prims 550L per week

 4) Lot 22
1456 sq.m. 333 prims 666L weekly

5) Land + Building right in front of the freebie of the day in our Main Store.  If you are interested, please contact me for price and info.

Looking forward having more wetherbees as neighbors
Mrs. W