Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#584 Wetherby's Date in Bern in Pink

 This is so exciting!!! So, I deleted the whole store yesterday, put new floors some stores for rent and in the empty space thast going to be wetherby's I placed  a board with our very first freebie of the week... matching shoes are in a mini MM board! yay!!! let see if you can remember how it goes... find the colour changing vendor, wear your tag and click! 

Mrs. W 


#584 Wetherby's Date in Bern Complete Look in Pink 

#584 Wetherby's Date in Bern Complete Look in Pink
Price: Free
Limited offer for 7 days Only or Until next week's dress is posted.
Our weekly freebie at the store is posted every Wednesday. 

#584 Wetherby's Date in Bern Extras: 

* Find me for sale AND in a Mini MM board at the store * 

#015 Wetherby's Makeup Secrets -Lip Gloss - Birthday Cake.