Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ahhh the last of the Ode to Love dresses, if you are an avid Wetherby shopper, you'll know (and own) this dress in Pink, Green, Gray and today's Purple... Tbh, when i first started this dress i had a sado-masoquism idea of well fitted bra, silk, and most likely chains and leather bits hehe, but as many designers, it is not I who commands the work to be done, the work itself tells me where they want to go... Same as when im writing, I end up being  the most surprised person with the ending, and sometimes a bit sad it ended a certain way... you can't push it, control it or make it your way... so here it is, Ode to Love... a very elegant, yet sexy dress... which i hope you all loved.  

I start working on my new collection Today (Right after posting)... wish me luck... 
Hugs and Love, 
Mrs. W 
Tuesday's free Gift and Extras

#574 Wetherby's Ode to Love Dress - Purple
Price: FREE
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Matching shoes: 
Price: 20L Each


RM-Design 'Kristin' Set for 
#574 Wetherby's Ode to Love Dress in Purple
Price: 46L 

WRM-Design Wool Cardigan lilac 
Price: 32L 

RM-DESIGN Jewelry No. 5 
for #574 Wetherby's Ode to Love 
in Purple
Today's Special Price: 34L

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