Wednesday, February 23, 2011

THANAMERA Valeska no longer works at Wetherby's

Hello my dears, 

I just wanted to let you know THANAMERA Valeska no longer works for us at Wetherby's.   

I was out of town all weekend (20 hours drive arrg!), i got message from her on Monday which i couldnt get to, and out of the blue she sent me and offline message saying she no longer was working wtih us and gave me several excuses, which magically all happened at the same time... "i changed my job", "i found a new man in SL", "i got another job in SL thats paying me more than you are paying me", "my foot is on fire" ...ok! i might be exagerating the last one!!! lol... anyways, i said "ok, good luck with your new projects, when you got time please help me get the blog sorted, and my passwords back"  i got another offline message with four words: "username: xxx, password: xxx" ... ok... so far its ok.. normal behaviour... after that she just flipped, took me off her list, anyone who knows me, my Rl sister as well and she sent her some odd message about princesses and hurt... LOL! took all employees off her list, took herself off customer group, off staff group... oh my... she went BERSERK! i messaged her to say "listen, i dont know what was so awful (and probably so hurtful) that you did all this, but either way, i wish you luck in SL, bye"  ...i thought she couldnt go any nutter... oh boy was i wrong... LOL! 

I wonder if she is bipolar... i dont know... last time i talked to her was on friday (through skype) and she seemed alright... maybe she is just weird and crazy... i took her off my facebook, skype and msn... eeish! 
Oh well... have had worst employees... and met weirder ppl here in SL... if you have any anecdote of odd ppl you met in SL,  write a comment... 

Goodness gracious... this lady has some SERIOUS behavioural issues... 

I will be doing her job, but maybe i will be hiring someone to fill in for her.
Mrs. W