Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday's Gift (02/28/2011) #539 Wetherby's Almodóvar Girl

#539 Wetherby's Almodóvar Girl in Black
Monday's Gift (02/28/2011) 
Price: 0L 
This gift will be posted on Monday between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m.SLT and will remain free until Tuesday's freebie is posted.
 Matching shoes: 
Price: 20L each

Matching Jewelry
Price: 33L only for today
Regular Price will be: 50L

This dress was inspired by a song by Joaquin Sabina, poet/artist/songwriter/singer who captured my heart. I started with two different dresses, one had sequins and was "too sexy" to  be allowed, the other was velvety and "too boring" to be allowed, so when i finished my new collection i was sitting here looking at all the ends and bits, about to delete them....  and so this song came in my ipod... "yo quiero ser una chica almodovar, como la maura como victoria abril, un poco lista, un poquitin boba,ir con madonna en una limousine" (I want to be an almodovar type of girl, like (Carmen) Maura, like Victoria Abril, a bit silly, a bit smart, going with madonna in a limousine) as i was singing along the idea came to me.. VOILA! lets merge both dresses and make one for an almodovar type of girl.